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bataan death march

april 10, 1942


in Japan's p.o.w. camps

“I grew up in South Alabama in the 1930’s. Looking at the world through the cotton and corn fields of Lowndes County, I could never have imagined that in just a few short years the entire world would be engulfed in war and that I would be caught in the middle of it. Where I lived, events in Europe and Asia, as menacing as they were, seemed light years away. I would soon discover that they were not so far away after all…” So begins this powerful memoir by an Alabama boy who ran away to join the army at the age of 16 and six months later found himself in the doomed struggle to save Bataan from the Japanese advance. He was captured, marched north in the infamous Bataan Death march and spent the next three years struggling for his life in Japanese POW camps. Glenn Frazier is an American above all else, who catches us all up in his story and teaches the one lesson we all need to learn and relearn: liberty is our most precious possession and worth the price we must pay to preserve it.


“I spent so much of my time trying to think of reasons to keep from forgiving, that I turned
away from God’s love.

It was not until I asked God to forgive me for the hatred I had for the Japanese, that
my life started to have a different meaning. I discovered I could love greater than I
could ever hate.” 

Glenn D. Frazier

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