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Holiday Message 2000

This Thanksgiving and Christmas is the first one of this new century. Thank God for our freedom to worship and be thankful for America. It's also a new beginning of our hi-tech world, which is in its infancy. Where this will lead us is unsure. How it will change our lives is still a question. I hope it will not change how we look at ourselves. Our humble beginning which made us great people must not be forgotten.

Not letting this new technology destroy our desire to achieve greater standards, getting lazy, depending on machinery that robs us of the most valuable things that made us humans what we are today. With traits of humility, compassion, love for others, love for our country and the freedom that made Americans live a higher standard of life than any other country in the world. One that has never been achieved since the creation of human life on this earth.

Let us look at the unfortunate with understanding and mercy not with confusion and disgust and being so opinionated that we judge others without knowing the facts that brought them to what they are now. Let our eyes see a positive picture, not a negative one when we are faced with problems that affect our lives or our loved ones. Do not be so quick to judge others that have fallen victim to adversities they can not avoid caused by fate.

Let this new technology help us understand where we are headed. Give us the wisdom to consider our past history, that was our road map to this very moment. Forgetting who we are and how we got this far would be a great mistake. It could result in a catastrophic disaster, because none of us has been here before. Wisdom and good judgement is our only hope to turn this new technology into a huge advantage for all of us. Wrong decisions could result in a giant step backwards.

Letting hi-tech machines tell us who we are, what we will become, how we will live, where we should live with every phase of our lives changing in spite of efforts to stop a tidal wave that may sweep us into a life totally unknown to us now. Where our freedom may be replaced with a new type of slavery controlled by the forces of the devil and not by our Beloved, Jesus Christ.

Let's not get so wrapped up and fascinated with our new gadgets that we waste precious time with hi-tech machines and forgetting our families and friends, denying them our time that is valuable to the welfare of the ones we love. Children that only see us as we sit looking into a computer screen and robs them of love and affection, which is so important to their development.

The only answer for each one of us is to kneel on our knees and pray for eternal guidance for our future.


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