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This Moment

Looking out of the plane's window I see a real picture of nature just as God has made it. Everything fits into a perfect pattern to make life what it is. The plane is about 10,000 feet high over the flat plains of southern Ohio on its way from Dayton to Cleveland. There are only a handful of passengers on their way with their own purposes and missions. The stewardess is milling around doing her duties, giving each person a smile and the benefit of her charming personality., while the pilot and co-pilot are fulfilling their duties. The tip of the plane's wing looks like it reaches out and touches the horizon. The hum of its engines is like sweet music in Carnegie Hall. The graceful way the plane flies displays its mastery of the air. Above, the clouds with their silver linings blend with the blue skies. An occasional cloud will drift by in its own natural shape, some are shadowed by the plane's propellers. The horizon is dimmed by a dull haze of smoke from the factories to the north, but below is the real beauty of life, the earth with all its minerals and beauty; the roads that form an outline of the plantations and lead to the cities; the trails made by animals to find their way home; the farmers are planting their crops, while a cattle tender on his horse rides gracefully along the pasture where the cows are nibbling on the grass. The little calves resting in the shade; the birds are building their nests in the trees for their little ones; the bees are collecting their pollen to make meadows glow with beauty and charm. Even the smallest creature fits into this wonderful picture of nature as the spring air holds it together and the sunshine brings the light and life, with its warm glow, the grass grows tall, the leaves turn green, the birds lay their eggs, the animals find their mates. As I look at it I realize that no one but God could make this Moment.

The time will change everything, and it will be no more. The plane will go to its hanger; the pilot and co-pilot have fulfilled their duties; the smile from the stewardess will be given by another; the passengers will never be the same; and their mission will be changed. The fall and winter will take the spring air. The creatures will crawl, the leaves will fall, the the flowers will fade, the bees will make their honey, the calves will be cows and the cows will give their milk, the birds will leave their nests, and the cattle tender will feed his horse. The farmer will harvest his crop, the sun will set beyond the horizon as gracefully as it rose, the darkness will take the light. This Moment has gone; my vision will grow dim; my life will be darkened by the setting sun. Soon God in the same manner I came. All I have is what he gave me. What I do is what I give him. It's so simple when you stop and think. I feel ashamed of myself when I think of the times I have asked for more.

by Glenn Frazier, 1954

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