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My Jesus

I love Jesus every day

I love Jesus in work or play

I need Jesus in my life

I love Jesus more than my wife

Jesus is my dear Holy Man

That's why my wife always understands

My wife is wonderful and dear

But it's Jesus that I always need near

I need Jesus' guidance everywhere I go

With Jesus I must be right and go very slow

Jesus helps and guides me the right way

I cannot live without Jesus every day

When I have problems I look up above

Jesus shows me his love

Jesus' love is very easy to understand

Jesus works with me to do my own plan

Without Jesus' love I could not do right

When I listen to Jesus I sleep good at night

When I stray and try another way

I have trouble throughout the entire day

When I include Jesus into my every plan

Jesus always knows where I stand

When Jesus' tells me what to do

It's never wrong and always true

When I hear Jesus' voice speaking to me

Jesus sweet Jesus always sets me free

When Jesus fills my heart with joy

It's been that way ever since I was a boy

Now that I've grown up into a man

Jesus always gives me His guiding hand

Whatever Jesus gives me it's always true

If you need Jesus He will do the same thing for you.

Have a Merry Christmas for Jesus' Birthday!

by Colonel Glenn Frazier

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