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The Meaning of the P.O.W. Flag

The American flag is a symbol of freedom.

The P.O.W. flag is a reminder of the ones who were lost while on duty to our Country. These were the men and women protecting all citizens and their rights to be free who were chosen by fate to be punished and persecuted by their captors for what America stands for.

These men and women are the ones that are remembered when you see the P.O.W. flag flying. There is no other flag that takes front stage except the American flag because the ones that remain missing never to know where they lay, must not be forgotten. The very soil that conceals the secret of their locations I consider to be holy ground.

The P.O.W.s who lived to enjoy one day or many days of freedom were granted the greatest gift of all – to be able to return to their loved ones and friends and to enjoy the freedom that was denied them as they served their country and endured great hardships. I and these P.O.W. survivors are the ones that should show others the value of freedom because our loss of it made each person that has experienced its loss realize its value.

It will remind all that America should always stand strong and preserve its freedom with all its power and might.

Let all of us remember that when there is a gain made, someone has had to SACRIFICE!

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