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Battle of Bataan (Poem)

Why are the nights so still?

Why am I on this faraway hill?

Home is so far away.

I’m wondering if I’ll return someday.

I hate to see morning come.

And face another day of war humdrum.

The stillness of the night

Gives me the courage for another day to fight.

I hate to spend another day

Without help on its way.

The fear of no supplies

Means the loss of many lives.

Never can I take a nap

Without waking to fight a Jap.

The sounds of their big guns

Now we have nowhere else to run.

Behind us is the China Sea

In front, Japs as far as you can see.

They are here with intent to kill

And leave our bones upon this hill.

They tell us to surrender today

We say there has to be another way.

They say they have the upper hand.

We say yes, but we are the Battling

Bastards of Bataan.

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