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Foot Steps to Greatness

A baby's one step forward and two steps backwards is a great example of

life's ups and downs.

Also a reflection of the direction life will be.

Will my steps lead me where I want to go?

When you are young you don't really know.

There will be many steps no one will see.

But I'll know the ones made by me.

Some I wish I could erase.

But they were already in place.

Some folks will try to guide you in their direction.

Be careful the wrong steps will leave a reflection.

Wisdom guides you as you grow,

It helps you know where to go.

You will be held accountable for the ones you make.

So be very careful not to make mistakes.

Steps made in haste,

Could lead to the wrong place.

Steps made where everyone can see,

I'll be sure they know they were made by me.

When I'm sure where I want to go.

Make the steps very slow.

Be sure where you want to be,

Then make your steps for all to see.

When you make a step to show where you stand,

That's when you will become a great man.

by Glenn Frazier

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