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Eyes Upon the Millennium

This is the last Christmas in the twentieth century. It is time that each one of us takes stock in ourselves and thinks about the values we possess. If they are not what’s expected of yourself by the year 2000, then what are you doing to meet your expectations for the coming century?

The new millennium that we are entering has an uncertain future for our world; what’s ahead, God only knows. By this time you would think the people of the earth would want to live in peace, as free people; instead we are at war in many parts of the world; some seeking what God has promised, but have no clues of how to find it. Each group thinking they have God’s blessings and feel that they are right; or they are guided by desire for power and to control the masses of people around them for their own personal gain.

Their desire for power and greed has threatened other nations that want to live in peace. They should never let their guard down because we have among us men that would make Hitler and Tajo look like Sunday school teachers; the peace loving nations should never give them a chance.

It is time that peace prevails over the earth, where each and every person can strive to be free; the freedom that God has promised us. You may think that to do whatever you want is all there is to being free, however, there is much more if you want to have complete freedom. It is easy to find if you take the time to read God’s word and follow the instruction laid out in the Bible; that is the only way for us to really be free. It gives everyone on earth a clear map of how to understand what real freedom is – cleansing yourself of all sins and forgiving anyone that one time or another has done you wrong; also forgiving yourself.

It is interesting that the word, Kingdom, stands for power and material holdings, and a similar word, freedom, stands for freeing ourselves of all things that enslave us. We must cast out and let go and give to God the things that cause us pain, such as: hate, loneliness, despair, selfishness, jealousy and the desire to control others around us.

It is time for each person to start standing up for what is right; instead of wrong, and to tell the truth, for the truth will set you free. Parents must start teaching their children the Godly things in life, not expecting others to do the job for them. You and your children must understand how to accept responsibility for your actions. Do not wait until it is too late and be faced with a problem that is too hard to handle. If each person would start following the rule of respecting others, our world would be a better place to live.

Christmas is a time to slow down and take the time to thank God for all of you many blessings and ask for forgiveness for your sins. Thank Him for sending His Son to earth to live and show us the way. Celebrate Jesus’ birthday in the manner it was intended and give God the Glory.

Start freeing yourself of all things that make your life unhappy, and begin with this Christmas at the end of the 1900’s to change your life for the better.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Glenn D. Frazier, 1999

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