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Our Changing America

This year's holiday season finds America in a strange position for the first time in the history of this great republic. We find ourselves no longer beyond the reach of terrorist attacks. On September the 11th, 2001, our homeland was awakened to a great surprise. New York and Washington D.C. were hit by our own airplanes that were hi-jacked by Muslim extremists. Thousands of innocent people were killed and millions of dollars of damage to property.

America will never be the same as it was before September 11, 2001. We are being forced to face the challenge, which includes giving up some of our rights. We will never be able to go to an airport, buy a ticket, and fly to our destination without having to prove that we are honest true Americans before we fly.

Before, we were innocent until tried and found guilty. Now we are forced to be searched without a warrant. If by chance we are found with something that looks like a weapon we are subject to arrest. Our safety is at stake, so we consent. All of this because a few Muslim extremists do not like how we live and they think that their God gave them the right to kill and destroy property that belongs to Americans anywhere in the world, because we help Israel. They think they have God's blessings. But I say their God is not the father of Jesus Christ, our savior.

When their followers celebrate by dancing in the streets, this is a clear sign that a line has been drawn in the sand, they have declared war against America. So, it's time that all the American "do-gooders" step aside and let the true lovers of our freedoms bring justice to these savages that threaten our very way of life.

Giving them a slap on the cheek will not work. If anyone believes that, just look back at our time against Saddam Hussein. Ask the Jews how many times they have tried to punish them for attacks and they keep coming back.

America has helped nearly every country in the world. Most of their wealth would still be in the ground if it had not been for our technology. Let's all support our men and women in the armed services and our government to destroy every last one of them. Give them the results of our weapons that our God has given us in his name's sake.

This awakening may be a way that brings America back to its greatest hour.

God bless America. Have a happy holiday season.

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