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The Enduring Sacrifice

All wars cause much pain and suffering to many people. We think of the families whose loved ones were killed in action or others that lost their lives in support of war. These men and women gave the Ultimate Sacrifice, their lives. Then there are the ones that were wounded, lost a leg or arm – maybe their sight or hearing. Maybe they came home and just could not adjust to a normal life again. Many that came home never talked to anyone about their horrific experiences, not even to their wife and children.

After World War I, veterans had to march on Washington, DC trying to get a bonus that was promised and never received. These men were met with bitter resistance by the government they fought for, with thousands dying for the cause.

After World War II, I returned to America with high praise, being a survivor of the Bataan Death March and 3 ½ years as a POW. My hometown gave me a great welcome. But little did our government do through the veterans’ administration for the ones that lived to face a future that I call the Enduring Sacrifice. Where you have to live with the horrors that follow you and haunt you for years to come. Then if you could walk and talk you were normal.

Then came the Korean War that our government classified as a conflict – not a war. This was to stop the spread of communism throughout Asia. There were thousands of men and women who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice. Also a war that cast thousands into the Enduring Sacrifice category. They came home and were not treated fairly by our government.

Then came the Vietnam War, some 50,000 young Americans gave the Ultimate Sacrifice. Our country called on these men to fight a war I call a policing war. Thousands upon thousands came back to an ungrateful nation. Not only did our government ignore their call for help, but caused these young men and women to face a terrible uncertain future in the country that sent them in the first place. Many are living the Enduring Sacrifice today.

On September 11, 2001, America was given a wake-up call. The four wars preceding that day did not affect as many lives as did the bombing in New York and Washington, DC. It has affected our banking system, our system of government, trade throughout the world and more. The lives of every person living then and for years to come will be different. Have we out-smarted ourselves?

This hi-tech world was jolted by a few extremist in a far away land that lives in caves for the most part. They dealt the world a devastating blow. America was sitting smug in its glory as a mighty nation – far from any attack. Now our own way of life must be changed forever.

Thousands of tax dollars will be spent to keep our people safe. Our elected officials with their liberal agenda must be held accountable for this disaster – they have opened the flood gates to anyone that wishes to come to America, including the ones that came and dealt us this devastating blow. All people living on that day will also live an Enduring Sacrifice of our freedom to come and go as we please as before. Because it will take years to divest ourselves and the rest of the world of these men. They think they have God’s blessings to destroy this world and they are willing to die for their beliefs. If their beliefs are stronger than our belief in our own freedom – may God have mercy on us.

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