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The Evils that Live Among Us

It's impossible to know everyone that's like a ticking time bomb, that lives among us. There are signs that may send signals that alert changing moods. How many times have you read the newspaper about this quiet person that has committed a bad crime. Family, neighbors and friends say what a surprise.

Has our security become so complacent that we ignore the signs that may give warnings about a person being troubled? Mood changes that may trigger serious conditions within them. This leads them to committing serious crime.

The average person does not want to step forward to notify family, friends or the authorities that they see signs or hear things said that indicate a person needs help. We are too lazy to become a part of something that may save lives or stop someone from getting hurt, or hurting themselves.

Today, when children are killing their peers or when crime is running rampant throughout the country, it's time we start a program on crime prevention. When we think about how bad the old west was some years ago, it's like a Sunday school party compared to our crime rate today.

The people themselves should start taking action. Our national government, state, county or city cannot protect us from the crimes being committed from the evil that lives among us. The September 11th, 2001 attacks proves that to us loud and clear. It's also clear that something is wrong and needs fixing.

Our young people are not getting the proper teaching in our homes, schools, or our churches. At home everyone is too busy to share time with the kids. At school, their lessons are based on technical training, which is needed. Honesty and Godly matters are no longer a part of our children's training. At the churches, they stick to documentary issues that many young people do not understand and churches cannot afford much more. So it's left up to the families to teach their kids right from wrong.

Some parents are no longer teaching the right things and do not set proper examples themselves. We are living in a time where families are 3rd or 4th generations of non-church goers. Where only 100 years ago, most all families went to church. The high crime rate will never drop until kids are taught right from wrong, respect for others, honesty, Godly qualities and how to work for what they have, not waiting for someone to give it to them or steal it. The families must take charge, not waiting for someone else to do their job. Making sure their kids run with the right kids and go to the right places. Not letting them run the streets without supervision.

We must go back to holding adults responsible for their kids' actions. The law can only deal with crime after it happens. The parents are the only ones that can deal with prevention of crime. Facing reality that the present insanity must be stopped, and they are the only ones that can make a change. Only then will our juvenile crime rate come down.

If something is not changed soon, we will see more major crimes done by the evil that lives among us.

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