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A Simple Man

I am just a simple man. I do not know how to be rude. My ability to find fault with someone is not keen. I enjoy saying, “Good Morning,” to a passer byer. I don’t mind saying, “I’m Sorry,” when I’m wrong. My computer skills need training. The clothes I wear are average. I do not tell lies to impress anyone. My house is the kind I like and the car I drive gets me everywhere I need to go. The food I eat is very healthy. My church is close to where I live and the money I spend is what I’ve worked for. My friends are of my choice and I vote for the man or woman I think is best for the job. The clubs I belong to are the ones that give me joy. The fishing spot I like is where I fish and meditate. My boat does not have to run sixty miles per hour. My vacation can be very enjoyable at home. I stay busy doing something I like. I volunteer when I feel they appreciate my efforts. To try to keep up with the Jones’s is a waste of time. To brag on someone before they ask is rewarding. I do not stick my nose into others business. I stay quiet while others are talking. Paying your way is a virtue. Offering your opinion is not always the best. I thank everyone that helps me. My motto is to keep it simple, stupid.

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